Teach a Class

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We are looking for People interested in teach classes and new skills in the space. Part of Loveland CreatorSpace (LCS) mission is to help people foster new skills and create community while doing it.

If you have a skill or want to do a workshop we welcome your ideas. Just note we do reserve the right to pass on hosting the class, workshop or talk at our discretion if doesn’t fit within our community. We suggest steering clear of Politics and religion.

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Include anything that might indicate you're knowledgeable about the subject. Also educational and work background, if you think it's relevant or useful for the student to know. Or, just tell us why you're cool and want to do this.

Call it something that's descriptive and easy to figure out from just the title.

Be descriptive, but concise. Cover what the topic is, what you'll be doing in the class and what the attendee will leave with, if anything).

We welcome free classes, but we also understand that your time is valuable. If you want to charge for the class, we ask for a discounted rate for members and also donate a percentage (at most 50%) of the proceeds to the space.  This price should be separate from the cost of materials. If you have questions/concerns, please email edu@lovelandcreatorspace.com