We store many files on our Google Drive 

The full list of our current equipment as well as needs/wants for the CreatorSpace can be found Here.

3D Printer Station
2 LulzBot TAZ 5
2 LulzBot Mini
1 LulzBot TAZ 3 with flexible filament extruder
1 SLA resin printer
Presentation: Introduction to 3D printing and 3D Modeling
Presentation: Using free web based Tinkercad 3D modeling softwareIMG_20160314_194931 (1)










Machine Shop

Machine Shop Manual
CNC Mill – Tormach PCNC 770



























Laser Cutters

General Laser Cutter use Guide
K20 “smaller blue” Laser Cutter Users Guide















Vinyl Cutters

Vinyl Cutter Guide
vinyl cutters










Computer Stations

Over a dozen recent desktop PCs and laptops with a mix of Linux and Windows suitable for teaching a class and building a lab
Solidworks workstations are available.IMG_20160113_182117










Single board computer station

Raspberry Pi single board computer and a set of Arduino boards and kits for experimenting and instruction.

Electronics Fab station
Discrete components, wire, oscilloscope,  DC power supply, multimeters,  solderless breadboards.












Hand tools – (Refer to link at top for complete list)


Wood Shop (Refer to link at top for tool list)
CreatorSpace Woodshop Manual

IMG_20160113_182055 IMG_20160314_193104















Server room with 2 racks








10′ projection screen with ceiling mounted projector (HDMI and VGA) with tables suitable for teaching a dozen or more.IMG_20150213_175310