Dec 2015: Facilities and Equipment Committee Update

Just a few updates

The Electrical Service has been upgraded and we are now working on finishing out some of the internal circuits in a way that is in compliance with our lease and insurance.

  • The Compressor and auxiliary systems have been finalized and it seems to be working well. Artworks has been turned on and their system is a mirror image of ours. At this time the compressor runs about one hour per week. There are several small details to be finished but nothing critical.
  • Office partitions are up and I believe all are occupied. As the remaining electrical sockets and service connections were thrown way in a frenzy of cleaning we are at a standstill on finishing that project.  We need to decide a way forward before we expend anymore energy or money. Unfortunately we had already received all the electrical parts that the county had in their store of office goods.
  • Recently we received a donation of a lathe and two older Bridgeport’s machines, a horizontal bandsaw and some other equipment. Because of this we have changed the layout of the work area and expanded both the woodshop and the machining area. Attached is a set of slides that illustrate these changes. After John finalizes the plans we will apply to the city for a permit.
  • Eli and Crew continue to put the finishing touches on the CNC Router and Larry continues to outfit the woodworking area by building bases and just organizing the area.
  • Also attached is a diagram of a proposed machine control  module that will provide control for our more dangerous machinery and eventually allow access to approved people with their RF fob. It is in the concept stage and will be first prototyped on the donated lathe. This concept grew out of a discussion during the Internet of things session last week. I am hoping Christian will help with the implementation.
  • Also in the attached slides is one that I put forward at the open meeting on Monday as to a way to keep people informed and included when projects are undertaken at the space. I propose that we don’t have to get too formal about these things but it is nice to let people know what is happening and give them a chance to learn or help with what is going on.
  • I did check on the application for a sign funding with the Downtown Development Authority. Seems like a long shot but if someone would like to pursue that, it would be a good thing to have.

Going forward

I am planning a meeting of the committee on December 14th at 7:15 pm. RSVP at

The agenda thus far is to talk about priorities and to possibly form some subcommittees to take on specific tasks. Patrick Henry suggested this at last night’s meeting.

If you have an agenda item email it to me at

I promised not to waste committee member’s time, so I am keeping meeting frequency low and hopefully providing well plan projects.

Richard Toftness


Board Elections

Last night Loveland CreatorSpace held board elections.
Here are the results:

  • President: Ed VanDyne
  • Vice President: Math Stein
  • Treasurer: Jamie Leben
  • Secretary: Eli Scott
  • Advisroy Board: Heidi Hostetter
  • Sargent at Arms: Laura Cuthbert

Welcome new and continuing board members.

We would also like to thank the following exiting board members for their service to LCS.

  • George Erhart
  • Justin Erion
  • Richard Toftness

Thank you!


Aims @ LCS

Starting August 25, 2015

Tuesdays and Thursday 1:30 pm – 3:15 pm

Loveland CreatorSpace has rented some space and time to Aims Community College for their Art Classes. We have place this on the meetup so you will be aware of these classes. These classes will be held in the classroom area of the space and only open to Aims Art Students.  You can use the rest of the space as normal. If you have any questions or concerns please email the board at


Costumes for Comic Con

In light of the Comic Con LCS will be holding open space time for Costume Creation! Our first meeting, we will be coming together to talk over individual ideas, and for those interested in feedback from others in attendance, there will be an opportunity for crowdsourcing ideas as well. Once we put the ideas out there, we can talk about any constraints, what resources you might need, and how to make or acquire the parts and pieces you need to make your costume awesome!

If you already have parts of your costume and want to bring that with you to work on right away, please feel free to do so.

We’ll provide a tour of the space so those of you who haven’t visited before can become acquainted with what we have to work with on site, and we can go from there!

All sessions following this first one will be work sessions, held every Wednesday (6-9 p.m.) and Sunday (3-6) up until the weekend of the event.

Need a to use tools that you may not have we are offering $10 session passes to use the heavier tools north (ummm…) east of the wall. Working in the Classroom/Meeting Space is still free.

Fort Collins Comic Con
SATURDAY September 12, 8 am – 9 pm

Fort Collins is having their first Comic Con a benefit of the Poudre River Public Library District. There will be tons of things to do there including Costume Contests, Panels and Artists! Loveland CreatorSpace and Curiosity Hacked will be there. Come out to see us and Join the fun!

You can get your badge now here:


Steampunk Gala at CreatorSpace!

Steampunk, Victoriana, Fantasy, and other costumes welcome! Come join us for an evening of music, dancing, and costume/storytelling.
Session 1 is family friendly so bring the kids in costume!
Session 2 intended for a “later” crowd, teens still welcome though!
We are going to have live entertainment:
  • Indi-rock solo performer Leo Lydon
  • Austin TX’s Wildest and Weirdest Circus Party Rock band – Kiddoo and the Dude.
Kiddoo and the Dude will play after 8pm. Some strong language and themes!

Buy tickets soon as this is a great entertainment program!

Find the session you want to attend on 4/25.
You may attend 2 sessions, just pay at each RSVP. Pay via credit card and you are all set.
Drug and Alcohol Free event!
Give your name at the door to get your reserved ticket!

Photo credit: Ian Norman


Did you get a hair cut?

You may have noticed a change with the Loveland CreatorSpace website. If not this must be the first time here, so Welcome! This face lift is the first step in improving our online presences for our community and for those who are interested in our space.  Please we invite you to explore and let us know what you think.  While we have done some of the face lift we will be continuing updating the site with more and new information and better content and features so keep coming back.

Another step we are taking is a Monthly newsletter. In the newsletter we will give you news from the space, list upcoming events, some blogs posts, and interest news from the month. So we invite you to sign up for this.

If you want to write a post for the site or newsletter please email us at

That’s it for now but keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

— Math


Loveland CreatorSpace now has an IRC Channel!

Can’t make it to a LCS meeting? Hang out with us virtually in the #lovelandcreator channel on Freenode (!  Freenode is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network where you can chat in real time with others.  You don’t need to be an official member of LCS to join the channel.  If you have questions about LCS, or making anything from electronics to the fiber arts, maybe a local expert can help!

If you are new to IRC you can try it out quickly by logging in via your browser by clicking this link.  After that, you may want to use dedicated IRC client software, listed below.

See you on #lovelandcreator!


IRC Client software:

You may want to read this article on How to Use IRC.


Founder: Math Stein

Math SteinFounder: Matthew (Math) Stein

Math grew up and lives in the Fort Collins area. His day time job is Systems Engineer for a Call Center. Math is currently the chair for Loveland CreatorSpace education committee. He is also help setting up and running the kids programs at LCS. His passion is to be creative and passionate while encouraging mentorship to our youth in learning and curiosity.


Founder Profile: Stephen Warren

Founder: Stephen Warrenswarren-head

Stephen Warren is a software engineer, with a leaning towards embedded devices, operating systems, drivers, hardware, and electronics. This began around the age of 8 with LOGO and BASIC on 8-bit microcomputers. An early electronics project was the modification of a computer main-board to add an extra address decoding IC, which enabled the connection of three floppy drives at once.

Stephen currently works for NVIDIA, implementing mainline Linux kernel, U-Boot, and tool support for the Tegra processor. Past engagements have included software for banking middleware, consumer DVD players, STS-768 SONET ADMs, PC monitors, and HW-accelerated video decoding on NVIDIA GPUs.

In his spare time, Stephen engages in hiking, casual bicycling, dabbles in photography, and undertakes numerous computer- and electronics-related projects.

I’m currently working on enhancing my daughter’s ride-on electric car with programmable LED lighting and PWM motor control, a set of PCBs which implement logic gates using discrete MOSFETs, constructing a model Space Shuttle kit, and creating classes for LCS.