Membership Levels

Loveland CreatorSpace depends on membership fees to support operations.

Members have 24/7 access to the space to work on their projects with the shared tools in the space.

Membership is designed to build and support a community of makers working in the space on an ongoing basis that fosters socializing, collaboration,  discovery, education, creation and problem solving for members and the general public.

Memberships are on a monthly basis, with no contracts, and are based on a “hobbyist” level of involvement. If you are looking for a place to tinker or help get your prototype off the ground, you’ve found the right place!

If you’re looking for a production facility, Loveland CreatorSpace isn’t quite the right fit, but we can help you contact the right resources that fit that model.

Can I use the space or attend events without being a member?

Yes! We have free public open workshop hours daily 2p-6p where you can use the workspace and some tools without being a member.

We also have events, classes, and meeting- They’re over there on the right side of the page >>>>>

Join our Meetup to get upcoming event notifications, and to make it easy to RSVP.

Want to join? Great!
We know the following is a lot to read, but it’s ALL important to know if you are going to become a member.


To become a member:

  • Download and fill out your membership agreement and waiver- Each person that will be using the space needs to complete a membership agreement and waiver.  Bring the membership agreement to the New Member Orientation.
  • RSVP to the next monthly New Member Orientation on our Meetup. New Member Orientations are currently the second Wednesday 7-8p
  • Choose a membership level below, and sign up!

Payment options:

  • We use Paypal. Paypal allows you to pay from either a checking account, or a credit card. You control the auto payment from Paypal, giving you control of the billing!
  • Why not cash/ checks/ squirrel pelts?
    • Our book keeping is currently done by volunteers. Until we figure out why our prototype bookkeeper habitat (don’t call it a trap!) isn’t keeping the ones it captures alive, we have to depend on these volunteers, and manual accounting is pretty time consuming.  If you are, or know a good book keeper that will volunteer to handle your cash/check/squirrel pelts, we’d love to discuss handing it off!

Paying for space at Loveland CreatorSpace?

  • *** Currently you need to create a second membership account and have the workspace billed to it***  You will need a second email account, and will create a second account on the Loveland CreatorSpace website. Once you’ve created the second account, visit the Membership Levels page and select your workspace. If you only have one account, and change your level to bill your workspace, the system will cancel your membership billing, and change it to the workspace billing. Apologies for any inconvenience!
  • Complete and bring in the Cubicle License with your proof of payment.

Managing your account and membership billing:

  • Login and log out from this website, click the login logout link in the main main at the top of the page, or go to
  • Change or cancel your membership on the Membership Account page- there are Change and Cancel buttons next to your membership level
    • Alternatively (or if billing doesn’t stop)
  • To edit your profile and other admin items on the Admin page

Policies and Rules:

Level Price  
Individual Membership $50.00 per Month. Select
Semi-Annual Individual Membership - 5% Discount $285.00 every 6 Months. Select
Annual Individual Membership - 10% Discount $540.00 per Year. Select
Household Membership- up to 5 people total $75.00 per Month. Select
Corporate Membership- up to 5 people total $250.00 per Month. Select
1 cubicle $200.00 now and then $100.00 per Month. Select
2 cubicle $400.00 now and then $200.00 per Month. Select
3 cubicle $600.00 now and then $300.00 per Month. Select
4 cubicle $800.00 now and then $400.00 per Month. Select
25 sqft floor space $100.00 now and then $50.00 per Month. Select
1 10 cubic ft shelf rental $5.00 per Month. Select
2 10 cubic ft shelf rental $10.00 per Month. Select
3 10 cubic ft shelf rental $15.00 per Month. Select
4 10 cubic ft shelf rental $20.00 per Month. Select