Loveland CreatorSpace is updating our website!

Get ready – big things are going to happen! In the meantime you can stay up to date with all of our events by visiting our Facebook and Meetup pages:




7 thoughts on “Loveland CreatorSpace is updating our website!

  1. Just a “gentle” comment on the left sidebar of the website…

    I’m not sure how many people will understand the heading “META.” Perhaps “Other Links” or just leaving a few blank spaces to separate the Archives from the other links might be more understandable to non-engineers 🙂

  2. Another suggestion would be to move the “Meta” block above the “Archives” block and you could then just do-away with the “META” heading. Again, just a suggestion.

  3. Thanks for the comments Mark! I replaced “META” with space for now… We may organize a web committee soon to iron out details like this, if you’d be interested in providing more feedback

  4. That sounds great. Steven Krug’s book “Don’t make me think” on web usability design is a very quick and entertaining read that I sure like for making sure websites make the most sense for most people. (I’m by no way an expert, just an avid reader).

    Also I was wondering if you have checked out It is a website / company owned by Github that makes a really nice way to upload your presentations in PDF format for quick and easy embedding / viewing online and also downloading. If you already have a github account you can log in with that.

    I took the liberty of trying it out with a few the past Loveland CreatorSpace presentations and they look really nice.

    Check out for example.

    Kind Regards,

  5. Mark – That’s fantastic! I’m a huge fan of github, but was a little disappointed by their support for binary media (presentations/documents/pdfs/etc) – speakerdeck looks like it will work really well – I even added the arduino 101 presentation to a blog post here:

    I’ll check out ““Don’t make me think”” – I’m a pretty avid reader of nerdy programming/design books myself.


  6. Cool Daniel!

    If you do feel like it, do check out Steven Krug’s summary of his book “Don’t make me think” at:

    Also, I would suggest that you maybe create an account on under the name of “LovelandCreatorSpace” so that the top right of the speaker deck presentations have that name (instead of mine — yikes I’m new and don’t want people to think I’m plagiarizing a presentation I didn’t create).

    It was super easy to upload the pdfs to speakerdeck. It did take about 45 minutes to process before the slides were ready to publish.


  7. Hey Mark – I’m sure no one thinks you’re trying to steal credit! I’m excited to have input and help keeping things organized

    I created an LCS account at We can transfer the presentations whenever we have a chance.


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