Founder Profile: Stephen Warren

Founder: Stephen Warrenswarren-head

Stephen Warren is a software engineer, with a leaning towards embedded devices, operating systems, drivers, hardware, and electronics. This began around the age of 8 with LOGO and BASIC on 8-bit microcomputers. An early electronics project was the modification of a computer main-board to add an extra address decoding IC, which enabled the connection of three floppy drives at once.

Stephen currently works for NVIDIA, implementing mainline Linux kernel, U-Boot, and tool support for the Tegra processor. Past engagements have included software for banking middleware, consumer DVD players, STS-768 SONET ADMs, PC monitors, and HW-accelerated video decoding on NVIDIA GPUs.

In his spare time, Stephen engages in hiking, casual bicycling, dabbles in photography, and undertakes numerous computer- and electronics-related projects.

I’m currently working on enhancing my daughter’s ride-on electric car with programmable LED lighting and PWM motor control, a set of PCBs which implement logic gates using discrete MOSFETs, constructing a model Space Shuttle kit, and creating classes for LCS.