Founder Profile: Josh Datko

Founder: Josh Datko

Josh is the founder of Cryptotronix ( and an experienced engineer with a solid leadership background.  While at the U.S. Naval Academy, Josh started his career in security and cryptography as a Trident Scholar, a select group of researchers.  After graduation, he served ten years in the Navy, active and reserve, where he managed his submarine’s cryptographic program on an around-the-world deployment, qualified as a nuclear engineer, deployed to Afghanistan, and served as the Chief Staff Officer for the largest submarine squadron on the east coast.

Josh also has experience building embedded, secure systems deployed in the defense and commercial markets, especially in the areas of designing and maintaining public key infrastructures and incorporating transport layer security for embedded projects.  For his graduate studies at Drexel University, he has focused on security, privacy, and artificial intelligence research.

His personal blog is at: