Dec 2015: Facilities and Equipment Committee Update

Dec 2015: Facilities and Equipment Committee Update

Just a few updates

The Electrical Service has been upgraded and we are now working on finishing out some of the internal circuits in a way that is in compliance with our lease and insurance.

  • The Compressor and auxiliary systems have been finalized and it seems to be working well. Artworks has been turned on and their system is a mirror image of ours. At this time the compressor runs about one hour per week. There are several small details to be finished but nothing critical.
  • Office partitions are up and I believe all are occupied. As the remaining electrical sockets and service connections were thrown way in a frenzy of cleaning we are at a standstill on finishing that project.  We need to decide a way forward before we expend anymore energy or money. Unfortunately we had already received all the electrical parts that the county had in their store of office goods.
  • Recently we received a donation of a lathe and two older Bridgeport’s machines, a horizontal bandsaw and some other equipment. Because of this we have changed the layout of the work area and expanded both the woodshop and the machining area. Attached is a set of slides that illustrate these changes. After John finalizes the plans we will apply to the city for a permit.
  • Eli and Crew continue to put the finishing touches on the CNC Router and Larry continues to outfit the woodworking area by building bases and just organizing the area.
  • Also attached is a diagram of a proposed machine control  module that will provide control for our more dangerous machinery and eventually allow access to approved people with their RF fob. It is in the concept stage and will be first prototyped on the donated lathe. This concept grew out of a discussion during the Internet of things session last week. I am hoping Christian will help with the implementation.
  • Also in the attached slides is one that I put forward at the open meeting on Monday as to a way to keep people informed and included when projects are undertaken at the space. I propose that we don’t have to get too formal about these things but it is nice to let people know what is happening and give them a chance to learn or help with what is going on.
  • I did check on the application for a sign funding with the Downtown Development Authority. Seems like a long shot but if someone would like to pursue that, it would be a good thing to have.

Going forward

I am planning a meeting of the committee on December 14th at 7:15 pm. RSVP at

The agenda thus far is to talk about priorities and to possibly form some subcommittees to take on specific tasks. Patrick Henry suggested this at last night’s meeting.

If you have an agenda item email it to me at

I promised not to waste committee member’s time, so I am keeping meeting frequency low and hopefully providing well plan projects.

Richard Toftness