Costumes for Comic Con

Costumes for Comic Con

In light of the Comic Con LCS will be holding open space time for Costume Creation! Our first meeting, we will be coming together to talk over individual ideas, and for those interested in feedback from others in attendance, there will be an opportunity for crowdsourcing ideas as well. Once we put the ideas out there, we can talk about any constraints, what resources you might need, and how to make or acquire the parts and pieces you need to make your costume awesome!

If you already have parts of your costume and want to bring that with you to work on right away, please feel free to do so.

We’ll provide a tour of the space so those of you who haven’t visited before can become acquainted with what we have to work with on site, and we can go from there!

All sessions following this first one will be work sessions, held every Wednesday (6-9 p.m.) and Sunday (3-6) up until the weekend of the event.

Need a to use tools that you may not have we are offering $10 session passes to use the heavier tools north (ummm…) east of the wall. Working in the Classroom/Meeting Space is still free.

Fort Collins Comic Con
SATURDAY September 12, 8 am – 9 pm

Fort Collins is having their first Comic Con a benefit of the Poudre River Public Library District. There will be tons of things to do there including Costume Contests, Panels and Artists! Loveland CreatorSpace and Curiosity Hacked will be there. Come out to see us and Join the fun!

You can get your badge now here: