Founder Profile: Stephen Warren

Founder: Stephen Warrenswarren-head

Stephen Warren is a software engineer, with a leaning towards embedded devices, operating systems, drivers, hardware, and electronics. This began around the age of 8 with LOGO and BASIC on 8-bit microcomputers. An early electronics project was the modification of a computer main-board to add an extra address decoding IC, which enabled the connection of three floppy drives at once.

Stephen currently works for NVIDIA, implementing mainline Linux kernel, U-Boot, and tool support for the Tegra processor. Past engagements have included software for banking middleware, consumer DVD players, STS-768 SONET ADMs, PC monitors, and HW-accelerated video decoding on NVIDIA GPUs.

In his spare time, Stephen engages in hiking, casual bicycling, dabbles in photography, and undertakes numerous computer- and electronics-related projects.

I’m currently working on enhancing my daughter’s ride-on electric car with programmable LED lighting and PWM motor control, a set of PCBs which implement logic gates using discrete MOSFETs, constructing a model Space Shuttle kit, and creating classes for LCS.


Founder Profile: Josh Datko

Founder: Josh Datko

Josh is the founder of Cryptotronix ( and an experienced engineer with a solid leadership background.  While at the U.S. Naval Academy, Josh started his career in security and cryptography as a Trident Scholar, a select group of researchers.  After graduation, he served ten years in the Navy, active and reserve, where he managed his submarine’s cryptographic program on an around-the-world deployment, qualified as a nuclear engineer, deployed to Afghanistan, and served as the Chief Staff Officer for the largest submarine squadron on the east coast.

Josh also has experience building embedded, secure systems deployed in the defense and commercial markets, especially in the areas of designing and maintaining public key infrastructures and incorporating transport layer security for embedded projects.  For his graduate studies at Drexel University, he has focused on security, privacy, and artificial intelligence research.

His personal blog is at:


Founder Profile: Jim Zdunek

Founder: Jim Zdunek

banjo-player Jim is a retired analytical chemist and materials scientist. He approaches each of his creative endeavors as an experiment. His interests include music, art, and electronics and he is looking forward to getting together with other makers to share ideas.

As an example of his maker spirit, in 1969 he started building banjos out of old furniture which prompted an onlooker to paraphrase a quote from Michelangelo:

“In every piece of furniture Jim sees a banjo as plain as though it stood before him, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. He has only to hew away the hard woods that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as he sees it.”


Founder Profile: Scott Converse

Founder: Scott Converse – Product and Business Creator

Just another hunk-o-protoplasm drifting through the biosphere…

Currently has a small consulting practice and is involved in hackerspaces ( Last 5 years or so: Founded a couple of startups (ClickCaster and Medioh). Past 20 years or so: worked in senior executive positions for Apple, Paramount Pictures/Viacom, Motorola, MCI, Nagravision and McCloud USA. Loves to create and democratize platforms (software, organizational, business and non-profits).


Founder Profile: Daniel Packard

Founder: Daniel Packard daniel_packard

Daniel is a robotics and software engineer who has been a part of the  LCS community from the early days. He has helped to develop and organize classes, and has contributed to the web and media presence of LCS.

Daniel’s excited about the opportunity to learn more skills for electrical and mechanical design, having access to fabrication tools, and meeting like-minded creative folks at LCS.