Founder Profile: Stephen Warren

Founder: Stephen Warren Stephen Warren is a software engineer, with a leaning towards embedded devices, operating systems, drivers, hardware, and electronics. This began around the age of 8 with LOGO and BASIC on 8-bit microcomputers. An early electronics project was the modification of a computer main-board to add an extra address decoding IC, which enabled

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Founder Profile: Josh Datko

Founder: Josh Datko Josh is the founder of Cryptotronix ( and an experienced engineer with a solid leadership background.  While at the U.S. Naval Academy, Josh started his career in security and cryptography as a Trident Scholar, a select group of researchers.  After graduation, he served ten years in the Navy, active and reserve, where

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Founder Profile: Scott Converse

Founder: Scott Converse – Product and Business Creator Just another hunk-o-protoplasm drifting through the biosphere… Currently has a small consulting practice and is involved in hackerspaces ( Last 5 years or so: Founded a couple of startups (ClickCaster and Medioh). Past 20 years or so: worked in senior executive positions for Apple, Paramount Pictures/Viacom, Motorola, MCI,

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Founder Profile: Jamie Leben

Founder: Jamie Leben Jamie grew up in Loveland and along with his wife Jodi, raises their 4 school aged boys, and runs the local LulzBot 3D printer sales, service, and supplies company IT-Works 3D. He helped start and form Loveland CreatorSpace, and enjoys the many opportunities it provides for education and creativity for the community.